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  1. 5 Health Benefits of Daily Meditation According to Science
  3. Join Group meditations starting every 10 mins. Mindfulness practices 5min - 20 min long
  4. How to Start a Mindfulness Meditation Group

The most important thing? It is a wonderful service to yourself, your fellow group members, and your community to make this support available for cultivating the awakened heart in us all. Take it step by step; let it be organic, creative, and fun!

5 Health Benefits of Daily Meditation According to Science

Tara Brach. As part of forming the meditation group, come to an agreement about key elements of the mindful sharing period. This might include a discussion about the responsibilities of the facilitator, how long the sharing period will be, the confidential nature of the group, etc. Start with a short check-in around the circle in which each person introduces themselves and says a few words about how they are doing. Then open the floor for spontaneous sharing. Appropriate themes include the joys, difficulties, and insights experienced in meditation practice and the multitude of ways to bring mindfulness alive in relationships, work and daily life.


Members should feel free to share at any time, but should never be obligated to do so. The group might choose some kind of signal for members to use to let the group know when they have something to share and when they have finished sharing.

This might be a bow, a hand raise, or passing a talking stick…whatever method works best to minimize accidental interrupting or talking over one another. Let there be a pause between shares. Slowing down the process promotes awareness of what is arising within. Be lean of expression — it helps everyone who is listening and leaves time for others to be heard. Listen deeply to the speaker, noticing what arises within you as you listen — and what arises as you speak.

Refrain from offering unsolicited advice. Honor confidentiality. Information and assistance for setting up a Buddhist meditation group: Insight Meditation Community of Washington spiritual friends groups Spirit Rock Kalyana Mitta Virtual communities, tools, and support for practice: Insight Timer — meditate online with a worldwide community at any time; Telesangha — create a daily meditation habit — live coach and group support in the comfort of your home; Plumline — supports online meditation practice communities in the Plum Village tradition — worldwide listing provided.

Guidelines on mindful speaking and listening. There are many free options.

Join Group meditations starting every 10 mins. Mindfulness practices 5min - 20 min long

The group facilitator will send out instructions to each new group member and, ideally, should have one individual meeting with each member to work out tech glitches. The group facilitator will initiate the online meeting invitation on the chosen platform at the agreed upon time of the meeting.

Members simply log into the platform e. In general, these consist of a pleasant, soothing recorded meditation geared towards helping the listener let go of anxieties and tensions as they relax in bed or a comfortable chair. They may invite listeners to imagine themselves in pleasant, peaceful environments—under a tree by a placid mountain lake, for example, with a gently settling sun and the reassuring sound of wavelets lapping against the shore. Some individuals discover that to enjoy their deepest, best sleep, meditations of this kind are invaluable. What is guided meditation?

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Here are some comments from participants in my groups.

View Larger Image. Guided meditation for stress reduction Stress is a modern epidemic! Guided relaxation meditation In keeping with guided meditations for stress relief, there are also dedicated guided meditations for relaxation and sleep. Share This Post!

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About the Author: Mindworks Team. Mindworks provides essential and extensive training in meditation practice and life coaching. If meditation works so well for an individual, perhaps that power is amplified in a group. It could accelerate and expand everything.

The Most Powerful Guided Meditation to Manifest What You Want in Life - Instant Results [Must Try!!]

At the most practical level, group meditation reinforces your desire to make it a daily practice. We all lead busy lives, and even the best intention to meditate can get lost once in a while.

How to Start a Mindfulness Meditation Group

Joining a group can make you more committed to your practice. But a group can also represent a meditation lifestyle that inspires every member. These three S-words describe the ideal life of any spiritual person. With each S-word comes a satisfaction that is built from your meditation practice when you begin to share its fruits. Seva brings the joy of knowing that your daily actions support life. You live in peace with your conscience because you have fulfilled your duty to be a steward of every aspect of nature, down to the most sacred level.

Simran brings the satisfaction of expanded possibilities. You are not limited to being one individual lost in a sea of humanity. You find your authentic self and your authentic truth. A unique path to mastery is opened for you and the group at a silent level of expanded awareness.

Satsang brings the satisfaction of being at home in the world. The rest of the human family is part of you.