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Paul Finch (author and scriptwriter)
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If you just want information for making your games more enojoyable for instance , an encyclopedia or bestiary if you like, rather than having a literary interest in his work as such then the best bet is the old Chaosium roleplaying material. It's really what all of the Mythos games are based on, rather than Lovecraft's writing.

My advice though really is just to buy one of those big collections and just dip into it. Don't try and do it from any kind of guide sorry OP because what draws you into his fictional world may not be the most usually lauded elements and there is actually a lot more to his work than his vaunted 'monsters'. There is also very little visual horror in Lovecraft's work. His work primarily uses suggestion and ominous mentions of 'unknowable' things.

Most of the visual depictions we see come from work by other authors.

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Robert M. Unsolvable Riddle. Add tags Tags separate by space :. Max is driving through the Nevada desert night when the radio picks up strange noises that Max will investigate. A story full of mystery and cosmic horror. Horror Tales is narrated and produced with original music and scary sound effects by Max Ablitzer. The author of this horror fiction is Ted E.

To support the show please take a moment to share and rate this episode - we love to hear from you! Visit us on Twitter, Facebook or our website. Rank 2: Horror Tales, Ep. The Unknown Thing. As an experienced river guide, Charlie believes he faces certain death when he is drawn by accident into an unknown underwater tunnel. But then he discovers strange markings on the wall. Horror Tales is narrated and produced with original creepy music and scary sound effects by Max Ablitzer. The author of this horror fiction is Timothy G.

Turn off the lights, get into bed and plug in your earphones. It's time for a creepy bedtime story.

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For the discerning horror fan, we cover the most chilling cases from around the world. From the paranormal to the supernatural, unsolved mysteries and strange deaths to cryptids, conspiracy theories and the most disturbing of true crimes, all told in a unique and creepy way.

Ihre Vorteile

Join us every week for a new scary story. From UFOs, wormholes and cryptids, to cattle mutilations and poltergeists, a remote property in Northern Utah has been described as a Disneyland of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. A case that has turned the heads of even some of the most ardent of sceptics, we recount the tales from Skinwalker Ranch. For the discerning horror fan, we cover the most chilling cases throughout history.

EMAIL bedtime. Rank 2: S04E10 - 25 Cromwell Street. In February , police searching a house in Gloucester, England made a discovery that would lead to one of the most infamous and disturbing cases in British criminal history. From that point onwards, the property at 25 Cromwell Street would become known as "The House of Horrors". AG www.

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Please support Scary Mysteries! There are strange stories of abduction reported all around the world and The cases on this list are some of the strangest. It happened on January 6, After finishing dinner, the three of them then headed back home in what they expected to be a peaceful drive. Elizabeth Klarer When you think of alien abduction stories, the first thing people check is the reputation of the abductee.

And in the case of Elizabeth Klarer, she was nowhere near ordinary. Pascagoula Abduction It was October 11, and co-workers, year old Charles Hickson and year old, Calvin Parker, went fishing from an old pier by the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. On December 26, , Strieber was at his upstate New York cabin. By this time, he was already an established writer and was staying at the isolated cabin with his wife and son. He was always wary of intruders and installed a high-tech alarm system there to keep everyone safe. From very strange missing person cases to someone dying and leterally being brought back to life, these are 5 of the scariest and strangest unexplained mysteries.

Barbara and Patricia GrimesDecember 28, — Like any true blue Elvis fans, sisters Barbara who was 15 years old and Patricia, just 13 found themselves lining up for his movie, Love Me Tender, for the 15th time. Their mother, Loretta expected them to be home no later than Although the engineer saw them, he was unable to stop the momentum of the train and prevent it from running over the bodies. With the train's loud sound, it would be impossible for the boys not to hear it or react, but the bodies remained unmoving — as if they were already dead.

Jean HilliardIt was December 20, when year old, Jean Hilliard's car skidded off an icy and isolated road in Minnasota. She was headed home and after the minor accident, her car engine stalled.

Paul Finch - Terror Tales of Northwest England

Afraid she would freeze to death waiting inside the vehicle, she decided to walk over to a friend's house, that was two miles away. She walked against the wind and in heavy snow hoping to reach the house. Exhausted and suffering from hypothermia, she collapsed about 15 feet away from her friend's driveway at approximately 1AM. Jean couldn't move any longer and so she layed there motionless for nearly 6 hours where temperatures dropped to negative 22 degree fahrenheit. Beaumont Children DisappearanceIt was a hot Australia Day on January 26, and the three Beaumont children, 9 year old Jane, 7 year old Arnna and Grant who was 4 asked their parents if they could head to Glenelg Beach - just a five minute bus ride away from their home.

The children had visited the beach the day before so this wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Their parents, Jim and Nancy, thought Jane was responsible enough to take care of her siblings and agreed to let them go. Nancy gave her daughter coins for the bus and some food. The children were instructed to catch the afternoon bus and be home by 2 PM, However the following morning, the children were officially declared missing. She promised she would call him within a few hours so they could plan to meet up later on.

At around 10pm Angela did as promised and called Rob from a payphone in the middle of town, right near a grocery outlet. While on the phone talking to Rob, Angela mentioned an unusual vehicle circling the lot. She described it as an old green Ford pickup truck. The truck soon pulled over next to the payphone and a man she described as a "filthy" and "bearded" went and used the payphone next to hers. He then went back to his pickup and used a flashlight as if he was looking for something.

Waking Up Screaming: Haunting Tales of Terror

Rob had Angela ask if he needed to use the phone and the man replied "no" and that he'd try again in a minute. These cases of disappearances, abductions and even miracles - continue to make us wonder — what really happened? However there's a good chance we may never really know. Rank in Drama category. Read more. Share this podcast:.

Love it! By far, the best podcast. Otis is awesome! You rock Otis! Such a fun scary podcast!

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Listen to:. Home Best Episodes All Episodes. Oct 28 1hr 33mins. In this episode of Scary Stories Told in the Dark, we bring you three terrifying tales from authors RedBullReptar, Brenda Ader, and Charles Howard, performed by host and narrator Otis Jiry, about evil imaginations, disappearances in the dark, and flame-borne phantoms. Jun 24 1hr 37mins.

In this episode of Scary Stories Told in the Dark, we bring you four terrifying Halloween-themed tales from authors Jeff Miller, Kelly Foster, Adam Davies, and Adam David, performed by host and narrator Otis Jiry, about dastardly delusions, sinister scarecrows, ghastly girls, and waking nightmares.

Corazon (True Horror Story) Tales of Terror Ep. 4

Oct 14 1hr 12mins. May 17 1hr 32mins.

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Dec 13 48mins. Feb 11 54mins. Jan 21 2hr 29mins. Jan 03 54mins. Dec 20 1hr. Aug 18 49mins. He will, I think, figure as unavoidable mythologist of the 20th century. Lovecraft's fiction is now enjoying the same broad dissemination through trade publishing houses and their classics imprints that was once reserved, as American horror fiction goes, for Lovecraft's main inspiration, Edgar Allan Poe.