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Manger (trop) rapidement.
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Additional comments:. To ensure the quality of comments, you need to be connected. Let them eat cake! Qu'ils mangent de la brioche! Go and let them in, Harold. C'est fastoche! Let me be! Laisse-moi vivre! To add entries to your own vocabulary , become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member. It's easy and only takes a few seconds:. Or sign up in the traditional way.

Guide Faire son pain, cest fastoche (French Edition)

I gave them some brochures. Give them the book. Donne-leur le livre. I told them the truth. Je suis en train de le leur expliquer. Please can you give it to them. Merci encore. A bientot et bonne dimanche. Un basier. Hi Mercotte, first of all, thank you for this website, so full of information!

Site officiel des Éperviers de Sorel-Tracy LNAH

Second, I was wondering why in the french version of the recipe, it calls for 2 quantities of 60g of eggwhites, while in this english version, it calls for 2 quantities of 50g. I just made my first macarons following exactly your instructions and they came out absolutely beautiful!!!

The only hickup is that in some of them, the foot is slightly too big and the top of the macarons slid to the side while cooking. I will soon be posting some pictures on my blog! Alexandra : Yes it happens some time, never know why, usually I turn the baking sheets at mid time. First of all — thank you so much, on behalf of us all macaron crazy bakers, for the tutorial. I tried the Italian style macaron today and the shell looks just adorable! BUT… somehow the macaron is oozing out its insides. The foot is kind of swelling out on one side.

Desparate Macaroon Girls : english version

Hard to explain! Bonjour Mercotte, Je suis de la Malasie. Merci beaucoup. Take a look at my last results! Hi mercotte, though I have made your macarons a few times already, I would like to make them a little less sweet. Where in the recipe should I reduce the sugar? Aexandra : Either you make the classic french meringue, or if you make the italian meringue you can just put no sugar in the first egg whites instead of 30g. Just the right consistency, tasty, etc. However, my other ones violette, pistachio, vanilla all have a large gap between the shell and the cookie.

How do I prevent this? I am baking them in a gas oven that is slightly unreliable temperature-wise , at F for 20 mins 25mins for the chocolate.

Quentend-on par argot ?

After they are piped, I have been letting them set for about 20mins to get that drier skin on the top, then placing them in the oven. I have to keep the door of the oven cracked open with a wooden spoon to maintain the proper temperature otherwise it gets too hot. Am I cooking them for too long?

My instinct tells me that my oven is too hot, therefore not allowing the meringue inside the shell to rise properly; or when the meringue rises, it falls because the oven is not at the right temperature. Thank you for the wonderful recipe and instructions! Pamela : it is not very easy with a gaz oven! I have been aging the egg whites. A friend said that I am using pretty much the most difficult oven I can for these little confections!

I wonder if I am beating too much air into the egg white? Hi Mercotte! Incroyable que je tombe sur toi. Nous avons une ferme de lavande aux US et cherchons une recette de macarons a la lavande a faire decouvrir a nos clients…. Thanks for putting this up.

Thank you for the wonderful recipe, video and step by step explanation. I made my first ever macarons, using your recipe thank you and following every and each step. They looked okay for the first time but I had two problems. The macarons were completely hollow. The foot on most of macarons was not straight, it was higher on one side and lower on the opposite side of the macaron. I do not know where to post a picture so you can see what I am talking about. Will you please give me some advice or suggestions on how to solve these two issues? Thank you for your time in advance, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

When they are not straight, you can inverse the baking sheet after 7 minutes have a nice day and good luck! I have made macarons in a commercial kitchen many times but always baked them in a convection oven.

Pardon My French

I used your formula last night and followed the instructions to a t. Everything looked great until I put them in the oven at which point the puffed, cracked and oozed to the side.

I did not leave them to dry very long as you said it was not necessary with this formula. Should I be laving the oven door slightly open? Any advice on getting them to work in a conventional oven would be sooo very much apreciated. I just came across your site, and watched the video my french is very limited, only one semester in college i thought that you did the french meringue, but the version that is written in english is italian, which i think is to complicated…. What a wonderful video!

Macaron recipes should be by weight — will improve your results and consistency drastically. Also, I have never had good luck baking or cooking from a Martha Stewart recipe — oftentimes her proportions are off.

I tried Italian meringue for my first few tries, gave up then tried French and I use French every time I make macarons except when it is raining or exceptionally humid outside. Hi Mercotte, Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and it surely works for me. This is actually my fifth attempt of baking macaroons using various recipes and tips from the internet but your only works!!! I ve also learnt that using grease paper gives best result whilst silicon paper turns out to be a failure where the macaroons crack up in the middle.

Once again you really made my day!!! I have now made several batches of the French meringue macarons and there is a definite improvement from my sorrow first trial. I have unfortunately become completely addicted to making AND eating these little babes. It is as though there is NO inside…just a big void. Obviously, when you have filling and two shells are stuck with each other, one cannot easily detect that defect after the bite, but I know it and I think that it is an imperfection as explained and discussed in other blogs.