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  1. Report a missing person
  2. Special report: missing persons | Special reports |
  3. Kim Stewart-Whittington

All those working with missing persons will welcome this volume.

Srebrenica Genocide 23 Years Later Truth and Justice the Only Way Forward

Her research focuses on missing persons and she collaborates with academics, law enforcement agencies and NGOs across the UK and internationally. She currently works as a Research Psychologist providing consultancy on defence and security issues.

The Missing (Missing Person Documentary) - Real Stories

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Report a missing person

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An eBook version of this title already exists in your shopping cart. In Canada, the report on the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls includes many policy recommendations, including the investigation of cold cases. Of note, a whole chapter see p.

Among other things, the UIHI report suggests more work on racial and gender bias in police forces. See a review, Violence Against Women and Girls in Canada by Pippa Feinstein and Megan Pearce, which summarizes recommendations from decades of studies in Canada and includes a spreadsheet with links to the studies. The report examines these areas in detail and some of the findings might inform further reporting on root causes.

Besides the UN Human Rights Office, there are a number of other potential international bodies of note. Violence against Indigenous activists was a topic discussed at the Bonn meeting of the Global Landscapes Forum , according to a Forest Peoples Programme account. Geovaldis Gonzalez Jimenez, an activist from the region of Montes de Maria in Colombia, said community leaders have been killed in Colombia — including in alone.

Special report: missing persons | Special reports |

According to Front Line Defenders , in , defenders in 27 countries were targeted and killed for their work, which is the highest number ever on record. Sixty-seven percent of the human rights defenders murdered in were defending their lands, the environment, or Indigenous rights, often in the context of private sector projects.

Official statistics have often been found wanting, and although some reform efforts are underway, independent data-gathering has emerged to fill the gaps. In , UN Member States came together to agree to a shared agenda for peace and prosperity. In , the IRC and Overseas Development Institute sounded the alarm about how far fragile states were falling behind.

Kim Stewart-Whittington

The results were staggering: Four out of five fragile and conflict-affected states are off track to meet the SDGs. This year, the IRC took a closer look at how refugees in particular—given their concentration in fragile contexts and their unique vulnerabilities—are faring in relation to national populations. We found that Refugees are excluded from SDG-related data collection, monitoring frameworks, national reporting, and national development plans. Of 42 countries that submitted Voluntary National Reviews—an optional self-assessment of national progress toward SDGs—just 13 mentioned refugees as meriting specific attention.